Friday, February 13, 2009

Remembering Nick

Growing up as an "Army Brat" had some advantages and some disadvantages. I had the opportunity to see and experience lots of different things growing up and also the chance to meet a lot of great people, for that I'm so grateful. One part that makes me very sad now, is how we are all scattered all over the country. Some of us never really had "roots" of our own, and have gone back to where our parents are from, considering that to be where we are "from", some of us married into the military life and continue the cycle - but for whatever reason, I have several dear friends who I miss a lot that I never really get to see. Some of those friendships are so special to me and I know that no matter how much time has passed, if we would have the opportunity to sit down over a cup of coffee it wouldn't feel awkward or strange, and we could probably be there for hours. How I wish that was possible....... I miss you guys.... Jessika, Tabitha, Tricia, Liv. Friends like that don't come around all the time.

It's times like this week when I really mourn the distance. As I am writing this, Jessika and her family are preparing for her father's funeral, and I feel awful that I'm not there for her and her family, and that I'm not there to honor such a good man.

Jessika and I met in High school in French Class - we connected and became virtually inseperable for the last two years of high school and beyond. I spent a lot of time at her house. Last night I shed a lot of tears remembering how good Nick was to us. At Jessika's house they spoke Spanish alot, he always tried to help make sure I knew what was going on, and didn't feel left out. He celebrated with me and gave me a big hug when he asked for a plate (in spanish) and without thinking I passed him one because I had understood him! The memories came flooding back to me last night and I cried. I cried because the world has lost someone special. I cried because I miss my friends. I cried because I wanted to get on a plane so badly but couldn't swing the $800 plane ticket. I cried because I don't want it to take funerals for me to see my friends who I love so dearly.

Rest in Peace Nick Paraskevas. Much love to you.


  1. I miss you too Shawna. I feel like I'm home when I go into a PX while visiting one of my military family members. I hope Jessika and her family feel comfort during this time. so hard. I only have one regret in my whole life, and that is that I couldn't find a way to get the money for a plane ticket to Michele's funeral. still so sad about that.

  2. Liv, I know she knew you were with her in spirit. Through all of this though I just keep thinking - I will be so sad if the only times I see my friends is at funerals - we have to figure out a way to make that not be the case. I'm thankful for the internet and facebook and other tools to be more connected and not completely lose touch, but it still makes me sad some days.

  3. I though about Michele as I read your post, Shawna. And Debbie. Where is Debbie? This makes me want to cry, but then it makes me happy that we all share so much love and that is what makes the separation so hard.